• MITS Training Webinar: MITS Report Content on MITS Discover Dashboards

    Submitted on: Tue, 03.14.2017 05:44pm - Kelsey Hamon

    With the release of MITS Discover 10.2 and MITS Report 3.6, we have added the ability to display MITS Report content on MITS Discover dashboards and scorecards. This webinar will cover the process of how to set that up.


  • MITS Training: Intro to Dashboards & Scorecards

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.12.2016 10:15pm - admin

    Join us for a discussion of the differences between dashboards and scorecards, how to create them, and when to use one over the other.

  • MITS Training: MITS Discover Security

    Submitted on: Wed, 11.30.2016 07:39pm - admin

    Learn how security works in MITS Discover, including how to use it to manage what your users can see and do.

  • MITS Training: Unified Authentication in MITS Discover 10.1/MITS Report 3.5

    Submitted on: Sat, 11.12.2016 12:26am - admin

    The latest releases of MITS Discover (10.1) and MITS Report (3.5) offer an option to authenticate MITS Report users against MITS Discover, and in turn against Active Directory. Join Brandon Wright, Customer Success Manager/MITS Subject Matter Expert, for a short training session on this feature, including the pros and cons of unified user authentication.