• Tech Tip: Remote access to MITS, outside your network

    Submitted on: Sat, 06.10.2017 01:01am - Annie Eissler

    MITS is typically setup to be accessed from within your workplace’s internal network. But did you know that you can setup MITS so that it can be accessed remotely?
    You may have situations where your Sales Reps need access to their customer and sales data on the road. Or perhaps there are dashboards and reports you want to make available to external customers and vendors to streamline efficiencies in your business processes.

  • Tech Tips: Single Sign-On

    Submitted on: Wed, 12.17.2014 08:28pm -

    Both MITS Discover and MITS Report support single sign-on.
    Here’s some information about what you can do with this feature and how to set it up.

    What is it?
    Single sign-on is a feature that allows a user to sign in to a third party software solution and be simultaneously logged into MITS.  It essentially allows a secure MITS login to occur in the background, without going through the standard login interface.

  • Tech Tips: Customizing Emails in MITS

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.01.2014 11:43pm -

    Being able to email MITS reports to others is a great way to share views of your data.  Whether you’re new to MITS or you’ve extensively used the email feature, there may be more you can do with it than you realize.  The following are a few helpful options for making sure you’re getting the most out of this feature.