• Release Webinar: MITS 2019 R2

    Submitted on: Thu, 11.07.2019 10:42pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Join Gary Owen, Chief Product Strategist, on Wednesday, November 20th as he reviews the feature highlights of our latest release, MITS 2019 R2.

  • Take the MITS Discover 11 Feedback Survey

    Submitted on: Tue, 12.05.2017 10:08pm - Annie Eissler

    Now that users are starting to get their hands on the new MITS Discover 11 and MITS Report 4 interfaces and capabilities, we’d love to get feedback to help inform our product roadmap.

    If these new versions have been installed at your site and you’ve had a chance to use either MITS Discover 11 or MITS Report 4, please take a few minutes to complete our feedback survey!

  • MITS Discover 11 & MITS Report 4 Launch Webinar

    Submitted on: Thu, 10.26.2017 09:00pm - Annie Eissler

    MITS Discover 11 and MITS Report 4 have been released! Join us for a walkthrough of the new capabilities available in these releases.

  • MITS Launches New Intuitive Analytics With MITS Discover 11

    Submitted on: Wed, 10.25.2017 05:30pm - Annie Eissler

    Enhanced data integration capabilities and streamlined interface improve speed of data discovery and decision-making

  • MITS Release News: Discover 10.2.2 and Report 3.6.1 Now Available

    Submitted on: Wed, 05.03.2017 12:23am - Annie Eissler

    We’ve just released updates to MITS Discover (10.2.2) and MITS Report (3.6.1). Contact our support team to see if your company would benefit from these point releases.

  • Release Webinar: MITS Discover 10.2 + MITS Report 3.6

    Submitted on: Mon, 02.06.2017 09:41pm - admin

    Join MITS President, Gary Owen, on Thursday, February 9th as he reviews the feature highlights of MITS Discover 10.2 and MITS Report 3.6:

  • Now Available: MITS Discover 10.1 & MITS Report 3.5

    Submitted on: Mon, 10.17.2016 11:54pm - admin

    In case you were not able to join our new release webinar a couple of weeks ago, new versions of MITS Discover (10.1) and MITS Report (3.5) are now available.