• Training Webinar: Exploring the Reports tab in MITS Report

    Submitted on: Wed, 04.11.2018 06:00pm - Kelsey Hamon

    In this webinar, we’ll take a tour of the reports tab in MITS Report.  We’ll create a new report, modify it to return the specific information we need, and save it for others to see and use.  We’ll also look at managing existing reports, and sharing reports with users in MITS Report and beyond.


  • Take the MITS Discover 11 Feedback Survey

    Submitted on: Tue, 12.05.2017 10:08pm - Annie Eissler

    Now that users are starting to get their hands on the new MITS Discover 11 and MITS Report 4 interfaces and capabilities, we’d love to get feedback to help inform our product roadmap.

    If these new versions have been installed at your site and you’ve had a chance to use either MITS Discover 11 or MITS Report 4, please take a few minutes to complete our feedback survey!

  • We’ve Got You Covered: MITS Discover 11 Training

    Submitted on: Tue, 11.21.2017 08:22pm - Annie Eissler

    Now that MITS Discover 11 and MITS Report 4 are available, with more and more customers upgrading each week, we’ve put together a series of training webinars to help users put these new releases to work.

  • MITS Discover 11 & MITS Report 4 Launch Webinar

    Submitted on: Thu, 10.26.2017 09:00pm - Annie Eissler

    MITS Discover 11 and MITS Report 4 have been released! Join us for a walkthrough of the new capabilities available in these releases.

  • MITS Launches New Intuitive Analytics With MITS Discover 11

    Submitted on: Wed, 10.25.2017 05:30pm - Annie Eissler

    Enhanced data integration capabilities and streamlined interface improve speed of data discovery and decision-making

  • MITS Training: Unified Authentication in MITS Discover 10.1/MITS Report 3.5

    Submitted on: Sat, 11.12.2016 12:26am - admin

    The latest releases of MITS Discover (10.1) and MITS Report (3.5) offer an option to authenticate MITS Report users against MITS Discover, and in turn against Active Directory. Join Brandon Wright, Customer Success Manager/MITS Subject Matter Expert, for a short training session on this feature, including the pros and cons of unified user authentication.

  • Now Available: MITS Discover 10.1 & MITS Report 3.5

    Submitted on: Mon, 10.17.2016 11:54pm - admin

    In case you were not able to join our new release webinar a couple of weeks ago, new versions of MITS Discover (10.1) and MITS Report (3.5) are now available.

  • Analytical vs Tactical Reporting: How They Fit Together

    Submitted on: Thu, 06.18.2015 09:46pm - Annie Eissler


    If you are thinking about reporting and BI implementation and user adoption, listen in as MITS President Gary Owen talks through a recent customer session focused on analytical vs tactical reporting.

  • MITS Report: Ad-Hoc Reporting for Non-Technical Users

    Submitted on: Tue, 03.17.2015 01:11am - Annie Eissler


    You may have seen a few posts on this blog about MITS Report, our ad-hoc reporting solution. For example, Gary Owen wrote about why Self-Service Reporting is Hardly Selfish, and guest blogger Andy Weith wrote Why Wait? and Month End Reporting Magic.

  • Month End Reporting Magic

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.08.2014 09:35pm - admin

    Note: The following blog post was written by guest blogger Andy Weith.

    How many reports do you run at month end, manually selecting a new date range each time?