• 4 Ways Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal Puts Data to Work

    Submitted on: Mon, 09.26.2016 08:41pm - Annie Eissler

    I spent some time recently with Brian Poggetti, Director of Finance & Operations at Oakland, CA-based Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal, a growing distributor of seals to the life sciences, semi-conductor, automotive, fluid power, and other markets.

  • 3 Reasons Epicor Prophet 21 Users Choose MITS

    Submitted on: Mon, 08.24.2015 08:58pm - admin


    If you are an Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) user wondering how MITS' reporting and business intelligence solution can help your business, watch this recent webinar featuring MITS President, Gary Owen, talking about inventory trending, pricing analysis, and general ledger analysis.