• Training Webinar: Dashboards and Scorecards

    Submitted on: Wed, 07.03.2019 06:57pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Dashboards and Scorecards provide quick and easy access to your key performance indicators in MITS. Knowing how to use and modify them can take your MITS proficiency to the next level.

    Join MITS expert, Todd Sinclair, for a training webinar and learn what it takes to power up your dashboard skills.

  • Why Are You Letting Your Valuable Data Pile Up?

    Submitted on: Mon, 01.16.2017 11:55pm - Annie Eissler

    By waiting until the end of the quarter or year to review and utilize your data, you could be missing out on major opportunities to improve, save money, and make better business decisions.

  • Metrics That Matter: 2 Dashboards Every Distributor Should Have

    Submitted on: Thu, 03.31.2016 03:28am - Annie Eissler

    You can't take corrective action if you don't realize there is a problem. Our distributor analytics customers know that dashboards can help you uncover all sorts of problems (and opportunities!).

  • Webcast: Dashboard Design as the Key to Analytics Adoption

    Submitted on: Fri, 07.17.2015 11:56pm - Annie Eissler


    We had a great turnout yesterday for our webinar on dashboard design as the key to analytics adoption. Here is the webcast in case you'd like to watch or share it:

  • [Webinar] Dashboard Design: The Key to Analytics Adoption

    Submitted on: Wed, 06.24.2015 07:06pm - Annie Eissler


    When dashboard design takes into account the KPIs that are most important for tracking performance towards company, branch, and individual goals, the beauty of analytics adoption begins to happen.

    Join MITS President Gary Owen for our 45-minute dashboard design webinar to learn how to build a dashboard that will drive adoption of analytics in your distribution business.


  • MDM Reports: Dashboards & Scorecards Take the Lead

    Submitted on: Tue, 06.16.2015 08:30pm - Annie Eissler


    In case you missed the news last month, our friends at MDM reported that dashboards and scorecards are winning the analytics capabilities race. Almost half (44%) of the respondents to the MDM-Baird Distribution Survey reported that their data analytics capabilities have matured to the extent that they are now using dashboards and scorecards. Compare this to the percentage of respondents that describe their analytics maturity level at: