• Webinar: 4 Key Metrics Distributors Can Act On Now

    Submitted on: Mon, 04.13.2020 09:18pm - Kelsey Hamon

    With distributors facing so many unknowns during the COVID pandemic, it’s important to remember that fundamentals don’t change: in fact, timely management of margin, expenses, inventory, and sales is more important than ever.
    Join us April 29th for a webinar where distribution veteran, Brian Friedle, will dive into 4 key areas distributors can work on to optimize their resources now:

  • Distributor Tips: 4 Key Metrics for Immediate Impact

    Submitted on: Wed, 04.08.2020 06:34pm - Kelsey Hamon

    As we navigate through this phase of uncertainty, we know distributors who optimize their capital will have the flexibility to face whatever might come next.

    To help you strategize, we’ve put together some key tactics you can use to protect and improve your position in the market.