• MITS Unveils Business Integration Program to Transform Distributor Analytics Adoption

    Submitted on: Sun, 12.06.2015 05:24pm - Kelsey Hamon


    Partners with HVAC business and technology expert to deliver integration services

    SEATTLE, WA, December 6, 2015 - MITS, the leading provider of reporting and business intelligence solutions for distributors, today announced the general availability of the MITS Business Integration Program, designed to expand MITS’ focus on helping distributors drive adoption and integration of analytics across their operation. The new program offers three service tiers to help distributors understand what their data means and how to apply it to daily business decisions.

  • New Business Integration Program Getting Good Reviews

    Submitted on: Thu, 08.27.2015 12:04am - Annie Eissler


    This recently in from Mark Roebuck, Vice President of Sales at Southern Pipe & Supply Company, on a Business Integration Program site visit with MITS President, Gary Owen, and Andy Weith of ASW Global Consulting: