In your complex, fast-paced, and increasingly competitive business, you can't afford to have blinders on when it comes to the performance of your supply chain—downstream or upstream.

MITS Manufacturer Analytics is powerful business intelligence and reporting software that sits on top of your ERP system, and gives your team instant insight into customer, supplier, and product performance, three critical linkages in manufacturing supply chains.

A complete picture of supplier performance

By consolidating fill rates, lead times, open orders, and other historical and current purchasing information onto a single screen, you’ll have a complete picture of supplier performance. With high value, actionable data about each supplier’s performance in hand, your buyers can get the best rates for materials, eliminate rush shipments, optimize resource utilization, and prevent other problems before they impact your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Get ahead of customer service issues

From fill rates and on time delivery stats to current bookings and sales trends, our customer scorecard puts your team in a position of strength when it comes to managing customer relationships—and getting ahead of any risks associated with service issues.

360 degree view of product metrics

Imagine having a complete supply chain view of the products manufactured by your company. Our product 360 scorecard is a landing page for all the key metrics you need to help diagnose anything going on with a product—from open purchase orders, fill rates, and on time delivery from suppliers, to inventory on-hand, open quotes, and open sales orders.

Prioritize account management tasks

Manufacturing staff are often overwhelmed by the number of tasks they need to keep track of when managing their accounts. Our comprehensive scorecard offers an at-a-glance view of how how your biggest accounts are doing, and which accounts you should be concerned about so you can prioritize activities each day.

Detect bottlenecks in your supply chain

MITS supply chain dashboard organizes a broad range of key performance indicators—from fill rates to open POs and Open AP—onto a single screen so you can easily detect bottlenecks in your downstream and upstream supply chain.