Tools to keep your sales team on target

Empower your sales team to spot opportunities, solve problems, and engage customers. Our ready-made sales management dashboard and sales rep and customer scorecards provide at-a-glance views of top line numbers with easy drill-down capabilities—so your sales team can instantly find answers and take action. Anyone on your team can tailor these existing tools to reflect your goals and key metrics, or easily create their own tool set from scratch.

See the big sales picture and the story behind it

The MITS sales dashboard provides sales management with a quick read of revenue, margin, and customer top-line metrics. From this summary view sales execs can click down into individual sales rep and customer scorecards or explore product line details to get the story behind the numbers.

Track overrides and pricing trends

Closely monitor how your pricing strategy affects margin and keep tabs on how often prices are being overridden and by whom. The MITS pricing dashboard provides a one-stop overview of your most important pricing metrics and the ability to drill down to get the real story behind the numbers.

Tommy Thompson, Executive Vice President

Turner Supply
"MITS creates conversations between us and the customer service rep on what’s going on in a territory and why we’re overriding prices. It helps us get out prices right in the marketplace going forward."

Make it easy for sales reps to prioritize their daily tasks

MITS provides two powerful scorecards to help your sales team focus on tasks that immediately impact the bottom line. The sales rep operational scorecard shows top open orders, quotes, bookings, and collections data, so each rep knows what to focus on that day to make the greatest impact. The customer operational scorecard provides a detailed account snapshot, arming each rep with the information they need to engage customers and close business prior to making a sales call.

Watch this short video to see these two scorecards in action:


Mark Roebuck, VP of Sales

Southern Pipe and Supply Company
"It’s one thing to say to a branch manager, 'Sales are off X percent.' That’s a great big number, but when you can drill down into that and see that it’s off with these five accounts or these five product categories, this is actionable data."

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Empower each sales rep to take control of their success

Give your sales reps transparent access to your data and they will find their own answers and become more accountable for their long-term success. MITS Distributor Analytics ships with a powerful sales rep scorecard that can be easily modified to reflect individual sales rep targets and the metrics that matter most to them. With this tool, your sales reps can see at a glance how they’re tracking to goals and instantly drill down into product, customer, and AR details to get the actionable data they need to keep them on track.

Get a detailed picture of each account

The MITS customer scorecard delivers a detailed snapshot of what’s happening with each of your customers, so that you can increase revenue, maximize margin, and prevent customers from straying to your competitors. Instantly see which trended metrics are on track and which need attention, and drill down to the invoice level to discover where problems or opportunities lie.

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