Drive bottom line savings by proactively managing your supply chain

How well you manage your suppliers directly affects your bottom line, but all too often the information your purchasing team needs to do their job is too difficult and time consuming to obtain. Empower them to proactively manage vendors and they will reduce inventory and shipment processing costs, as well as improve fill rates and order accuracy. MITS provides many ready-made purchasing reports and scorecards—all designed to give you the power and flexibility you need to better manage your business right from day one.

Be armed with the facts and negotiate better deals

Hold suppliers accountable and be better prepared for contract negotiations by using MITS vendor scorecards and reports—valuable tools that ship with your installation and easily tailored to meet your specific needs. See at a glance key metrics such as fill rate, lead time, and order accuracy, and then click down into the details to instantly root out problems and spot opportunities for improvement.

Learn more by watching this short video on the vendor scorecard:

Shawn Kaelber, Director of Information Technologies

Midwest Packaging Solutions
"We can put the vendor scorecard in front of a vendor to show them exactly when orders were not on-time and/or sent in multiple shipments. The data is right in front of them so there isn’t anything to argue about when it comes to meeting their commitments."

Easily monitor and compare vendors

Give your order writers or buyers a powerful tool to monitor their business and compare top suppliers. The MITS writer or buyer scorecard provides an aggregate view of the metrics that matter most to them, such as initial fill rate and average lead time.

Visual ‘stop light’ indicators can be easily modified to reflect your goals and show at a glance whether those key metrics are trending in the right direction. Your buyers or writers can also drill down into an individual vendor scorecard or into the aggregate numbers to get the information they need to hold suppliers more accountable, reward top performers, and weed out weak vendors.

Understand supplier performance by location

View key vendor performance metrics at a branch or location level, so you can easily see if suppliers are meeting their commitments and your customer needs across your business.

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