Arm your pricing managers with tools to maximize margin

Getting pricing right is critical for the health of your bottom line, but with thousands of product lines and a dynamic marketplace, pricing can be tough to nail. MITS provides powerful pricing tools to monitor the effect of your pricing strategies, so you can quickly make adjustments to maximize both sales volume and profit. All of these tools can be easily modified by anyone on your team to reflect your specific goals.

See overrides at a glance and how your pricing strategies are working

The MITS pricing dashboard puts the metrics that matter most to your pricing managers right at their fingertips. This powerful tool makes it easy to see sales and margin trends as well as how often prices are being overridden, by whom, and the resulting impact of those overrides.

Managers can instantly click down into sales rep or account details to help determine if pricing strategies need to change for a particular product or whether sales rep or customer behavior is the root cause of the override.

Isolate margin trouble spots and take action to fix them

MITS provides many pre-built reports to help your pricing executives root out the causes of lower than expected margins. Maybe the problem lies with a particular product line, account, or sales rep. Whatever the cause, powerful reporting tools from MITS help your managers isolate trouble spots so they always know who to contact next to get margin back on track.

Mark Roebuck, VP of Sales,

Southern Pipe & Supply
"Price overrides have been a huge challenge for us. We want to use local expertise for price management, but we do have a pricing structure and when someone overrides from that, there is something amiss. It may be market conditions that our pricing structure is not aware of. MITS gives us an opportunity to talk to the person that did the override, and then look at our pricing to see if it needs to be adjusted."

Keep supplier pricing in line with your goals

Arm your pricing manager with a report that tells them which prices by supplier need to be adjusted to come into line with your pricing strategies and goals. That way they can spend their time working on price changes and contracts that have the most impact on your bottom-line growth.

Know if your sales promotions are having the desired effect

Clearly see how a particular sales promotion affected sales volume and margin with pre-built and customizable charts and reports that can be setup to run on a regular basis for management review.


Review product performance history before changing prices

With powerful reporting tools from MITS, your pricing managers can easily see how price has affected sales volume, and margin for a particular product in the past, so they can make smarter decisions about your pricing moves going forward.

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