What is MITS Distributor Analytics?

How do you know if you are on track to increase gross margin by 1% or reduce inventory costs by 5%? To drive positive change your team needs timely access to the metrics that matter most to your business. MITS Distributor Analytics is powerful business intelligence software that sits on top of your information systems and puts those metrics, and insight about them, into the hands of your team.

Move the dial

Eliminate lengthy, manual reporting cycles and give your people the power to find their own answers and make a real impact on the business. Using MITS dashboards, scorecards, and reports your team can quickly see the big picture and drill down into the details that tell the back story. Now they are empowered to solve problems, seize opportunities, and make decisions that move the dial on your key metrics.

Watch this short video to see how drill down in MITS works:


Get real business value from day one

MITS is not a ‘vanilla’ business intelligence package, but a distributor-specific analytics solution packed with hundreds of pre-built, customizable dashboards, scorecards, and reports—so you get immediate value and fast ROI. In fact our customers routinely tell us that MITS paid for itself within a few short months.

Holly Horner, IT Manager

Central Turf & Irrigation Supply
"The ease of use and the ease of implementation is a significant plus in my world, and based on the money MITS saved our company, the software paid for itself within 3 months."

Make your teams more productive with role-based tools

With MITS Distributor Analytics you’re not starting with a blank slate. We provide customizable role-based tools so your different teams can ‘hit the ground running’ and get the insight they need to take action. Explore how our role-based dashboards, scorecards, and reports can help align your teams around your goals, and make them instantly more productive.

Reduce Inventory Costs

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Keep business on track

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Maximize profits

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Drive revenue and profit

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Improve financial health

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Better manage suppliers

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MITS Distributor Analytics

Degree in IT not required

We understand that your team is mostly made up of business people and not techies. We’ve designed our software to be self-service—easy enough for anyone in your team to use and tweak, freeing up your IT staff to work on strategic projects.

Not your grandfather’s analytics solution

Business has changed. Waiting days for a report isn’t acceptable in a 24/7 global economy. Give your team access to the metrics that matter wherever they are, and make them as productive on the road as they are in the office. With 21st century tools from MITS you can capture tribal knowledge from your veteran employees, and attract and retain a new generation of talent to preserve your legacy and continue growth.


Fast track your success

At MITS we don’t just install and run. We offer a range of expert services to help you see real results from your MITS implementation. Our adoption specialists live and breathe distributor analytics and can help you ‘connect the dots’ between your business goals and our product.


Get one version of the truth

Eliminate the doubt and ambiguity that comes from reviewing reports compiled from disparate data sources or built using different and sometimes incorrect methodologies.

With distributor analytics from MITS you can be confident about the data you're seeing across your business. MITS Distributor Analytics pulls data from a central repository that is regularly synced with your business systems, so anyone on your team can create and modify dashboards, scorecards, and reports that deliver accurate and consistent numbers—without any SQL skills.

7 Tips for Driving Change Through Analytics

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How MITS distributor analytics works

MITS distributor analytics sits on top of your business systems to deliver real-time insight into your daily operations.

See MITS distributor analytics in action

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