Find the ‘Goldilocks’ spot for your inventory

Too much inventory wastes money and too little causes stock outs and poor customer service. Use powerful inventory management tools from MITS to set and monitor the optimized level of stock across your product lines and branches—and make a big impact on the bottom line.

Learn from the past, see the present, impact the future

MITS inventory scorecards and reports make it easy to view and compare current and historical data on key metrics such as GMROI, turns, and on-hand value, so you can proactively make an impact on the future. And, because it’s easy to drill down into the underlying numbers at the product, product category, and warehouse level, your managers can zero in on problem areas or opportunities.

Know which products to pay attention to

With thousands or even hundreds of thousands of products to manage, you need to know where to focus your efforts. Use MITS ready-made scorecards and reports to get a snapshot of your stock or easily build your own watch lists to monitor key items such as:

Slow—and fast—moving products
On-hand value by warehouse or location
GMROI and turns trends
Dead stock and stock out trends

With this information at their fingertips your managers can make stocking level and promotional decisions that most positively impact the bottom line.

Get the intel you need to make better buying decisions

With so many SKUs to analyze, inventory managers can be at a loss for where to start. MITS puts the power to analyze any product—or product category—by any metric, in their hands so they confidently make buying decisions.

Bill Kidd, Controller

Johnstone Supply - Fresno
"Making sure we have the correct levels of inventory on hand guards against things like unintended stock-outs. This ensures a smoother operation of our business."

Head dead stock off at the pass

Always know which products are heading into dead stock territory so your team can proactively take action to save the business money. Track products with high on hand value and low sales on a scorecard, or schedule alerts when sales fall below an acceptable threshold.

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Johnstone Supply Fresno prevents stock-outs with MITS

Minimize unintended stock-outs by tracking on-hand inventory levels.

See MITS distributor analytics in action

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