Tools to keep your finances on track

MITS provides a range of powerful dashboards, scorecards, and reports designed specifically to help your finance and accounting team keep your business on track. From keeping a close eye on the top-level profit and loss metrics to understanding individual line item expenses at the branch level, MITS empowers your team to take the actions needed to keep you firmly in the black.

Always know which areas of the business need attention

The MITS Profit & Loss dashboard makes it easy for your finance team to know how you’re tracking to goals. Visual ‘stop light’ indicators show at a glance which P&L and expense metrics need attention, and live links give your team the ability to instantly click down into detailed journal entries to better understand what’s going on. Key metrics are summarized at the branch level so your team can quickly see which locations need help to stay on track.

Learn more about the General Ledger Analysis Module in this short video:

The details you need to keep expenses in check

Spot expense spikes and monitor trends so you can proactively manage expenses with the MITS expense trends dashboard. This powerful tool can be easily configured to reflect your goals by account type, division, department, function or more—and for the specific time periods you want to track and compare.

MITS Distributor Analytics also provides you with insight into accounts receivable by customer, branch, and sales rep so you can address problems before they get out of hand. At a glance and drill down analysis lets you quickly find out why receivables might be growing.

Empower your division managers to run their own business

Arm your division managers with the information from MITS P&L and expense scorecards for their area of the business and they will become more accountable for meeting their targets. Whether you give them the live tools to interact with, or email them reports, they will find opportunities to drive business and reduce expenses.


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