Business intelligence tools for your executive team

Give your executives the tools they need to align their teams and make better decisions.  All of the dashboards, scorecards, and reports that come standard with MITS software can be easily tailored to reflect your specific sales, margin, inventory, and other goals.These powerful tools give your management team both a snapshot of how your business is doing, as well as the ability to hone in on areas that need attention, so they can direct the right people to take action.

Know the big picture and who to contact next to keep business on track

The customizable MITS executive dashboard with its innovative visual features shows at-a-glance the sales, inventory, AR, and other metrics that matter most to your business. But it’s not enough to see just the top line numbers. Empower your executives to instantly tap into branch, product, sales or financial details, so they know who to contact next to ensure that action is taken to keep your business on track.

Watch this short video to see how MITS software can help teams align around business goals:


Keep an eagle eye on sales

Revenue and margin are the lifeblood of your distribution business. Give your sales managers the ability to better manage both. The MITS sales dashboard, a powerful tool that comes standard with each MITS installation, is easily customizable to reflect your targets. In addition to instantly seeing the big picture, sales managers can drill down to access individual sales rep or customer scorecards and explore product lines to get a clear picture of what’s happening. With that insight they can ensure that targets are consistently met or exceeded.

"We now have a much clearer picture of the data in our ERP system, and can easily drill down and across that data to truly know what is going on. If sales of a particular brand are down, we can quickly see which customers and/or SKUs are causing the problem. Our sales reps use MITS to evaluate their overall territory and individual accounts. Frankly, I don’t know how we responsibly managed our business before MITS. Where we used to only see a portion of our performance data, now we can access and analyze it all."

Monitor your biggest investment

Drive bottom-line efficiencies by proactively managing your greatest asset with powerful inventory management tools from MITS.  Use inventory scorecards and reports to track key metrics such as GMROI, turns, and on-hand value, and drill down into the underlying numbers so you can identify issues or opportunities at the product, warehouse, and customer level.  

Track overrides and pricing trends

Closely monitor how your pricing strategy affects margin and keep tabs on how often prices are being overridden and by whom. The MITS pricing dashboard provides a one-stop overview of your most important pricing metrics and the ability to drill down to get the real story behind the numbers.

Tommy Thompson, Executive Vice President

Turner Supply
"MITS creates conversations between us and the customer service rep on what’s going on in a territory and why we’re overriding prices. It helps us get out prices right in the marketplace going forward."

Better manage each branch or location

Empower your branch managers to make better decisions with the MITS branch manager dashboard.  They can instantly see key sales, inventory, AR and other metrics per location, and drill down into the details so they can take immediate action.

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