• Vendor Negotiation: Arm Yourself With Facts

    Submitted on: Thu, 05.09.2019 02:54am - Kelsey Hamon

    How many of your vendors are meeting their commitments?

    Join us for a webinar where industry executive, Brian Friedle, will explore how analytics can help you hold your suppliers accountable, have more impactful conversations, and negotiate better deals.

  • Sales Reps: Don't be the Donut Guy

    Submitted on: Tue, 05.07.2019 07:45pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Everyone knows a Donut Guy: A sales rep who thinks preparing for an on-site customer visit means stopping by with a box of donuts and asking “What can I help you with?”

    Watch this short video to learn how sales reps can use data…not donuts…to deepen relationships and grow sales using MITS:

  • Registration for MITS Exchange 2019: Now Open

    Submitted on: Thu, 05.02.2019 07:17pm - Kelsey Hamon

    It’s official. Super early bird registration for MITS Exchange, our annual user conference, is now open!

    Register now to take advantage of super early bird pricing.

  • Purchasers Need Analytics (and a hug)

    Submitted on: Wed, 05.01.2019 07:42pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Purchasing is a daily tug-of-war. Buy too little and sales is unhappy with stock-outs. Buy too much and management is unhappy with cash tied up on the shelves.

    Watch this short video to learn how MITS can help purchasers navigate their daily tug-of-war:

  • MITS at TUG Connects 2019

    Submitted on: Thu, 02.28.2019 11:54pm - Kelsey Hamon

    If you'll be at TUG Connects 2019 to soak up some knowledge and some sun, be sure to stop by our booth or check out our sessions: