• From Fiction to Fact Webinar: Planning for Growth in 2018

    Submitted on: Fri, 11.03.2017 06:00pm - Annie Eissler

    How do you know if your budget and projections for 2018 are reasonable and achievable? Many projections are just a wish list of what you hope will happen. It’s no surprise that actual performance rarely mirrors the projections.

    If you are planning for growth, simply saying you’ll sell more or spend less isn’t enough. Can you pinpoint new sales opportunities, areas for margin or process improvement, behaviors that can be changed to inspire more sales from existing customers?

  • Analytics Provider MITS Adds Management Concepts to Partner Roster

    Submitted on: Thu, 11.02.2017 05:00pm - Annie Eissler

    Seattle – October 17, 2017 – MITS, a leading provider of reporting and analytics solutions for distributors and manufacturers, today announced that it has signed a partner agreement with Midwest-based technology solution provider Management Concepts, Inc. (MCI).

  • MITS Discover 11 & MITS Report 4 Launch Webinar

    Submitted on: Thu, 10.26.2017 09:00pm - Annie Eissler

    MITS Discover 11 and MITS Report 4 have been released! Join us for a walkthrough of the new capabilities available in these releases.

  • MITS Launches New Intuitive Analytics With MITS Discover 11

    Submitted on: Wed, 10.25.2017 05:30pm - Annie Eissler

    Enhanced data integration capabilities and streamlined interface improve speed of data discovery and decision-making

  • Taking Stock of 2017: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail, Part III

    Submitted on: Mon, 10.23.2017 07:11pm - Annie Eissler

    What every distributor should be doing right now to prepare for 2018 and close out 2017 on a positive note