• 5 Reasons to Attend MITS Exchange 2018

    Submitted on: Thu, 07.19.2018 10:19pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Still on the fence about attending? Check out this short (1:30) video to hear 5 reasons why attending MITS Exchange will be well worth your time:

  • Product Trend Analysis: The Secrets Inside Your Inventory

    Submitted on: Thu, 07.12.2018 01:38am - Kelsey Hamon

    You can learn a lot about your overall business trajectory—and even the economy—if you have the tools in hand to “hear” what your inventory has to say to you.

    Join MITS CEO, Gary Owen, for this 45-minute webinar where he will share the inventory trend tactics we’ve seen our customers use to enhance inventory stratification efforts. These tactics will help you understand what your inventory trends mean, which items are moving faster or slower than usual, why that is, and what you can do about it.


  • MITS Becomes Member Service Provider to IMARK Group, Inc.

    Submitted on: Mon, 06.18.2018 07:05pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Seattle – June 18, 2018 – MITS, a leading provider of reporting and analytics solutions for distributors and manufacturers, is pleased to announce that it has become a Member Service Provider to IMARK Group, Inc., one of the largest independent marketing cooperatives in the world, with 830 independently owned electrical distributors as members.

  • Are You Losing Money on Returns?

    Submitted on: Tue, 06.12.2018 09:19pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Even Amazon, the “customer service king”, is cracking down on negative customer behavior…are you? Check out this 2-minute video to see how MITS can help you pinpoint areas where customers may be taking advantage of your return policies.

  • MITS Becomes Service Provider to IDCO

    Submitted on: Mon, 06.11.2018 10:00am - Kelsey Hamon

    Seattle–June 11, 2018–IDCO (Industrial Distributor Cooperative), the premier co-op for independent distributors serving the industrial community, announced the addition of MITS as its newest endorsed service supplier.