• Webinar Recording: MITS 2019 R2 Release

    Submitted on: Fri, 11.22.2019 06:35pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Watch this webinar recording where Gary Owen, Chief Product Strategist, reviews the feature highlights of our latest release, MITS 2019 R2.

  • Vesco Finds $100K using MITS

    Submitted on: Thu, 11.21.2019 07:05pm - Kelsey Hamon

    “We were able to obtain over $100K…before MITS we had no idea.” –Lance Melnik, IT Manager, Vesco Oil

  • Release Webinar: MITS 2019 R2

    Submitted on: Thu, 11.07.2019 10:42pm - Kelsey Hamon

    Join Gary Owen, Chief Product Strategist, on Wednesday, November 20th as he reviews the feature highlights of our latest release, MITS 2019 R2.

  • Beware the Walking Deadstock...

    Submitted on: Wed, 10.30.2019 08:39pm - Kelsey Hamon

    There’s a monster lurking deep inside the warehouses of every distributor, eating cash even as sales grow and turning business assets into nothing…beware the Walking DEADSTOCK.
    Check out this short video (2:26) to learn how MITS can help you stop deadstock in its tracks:

  • Webinar Recording: Every Dollar Counts: Analytics in Distribution

    Submitted on: Tue, 10.29.2019 07:09pm - Kelsey Hamon

    You run tight margins: that’s distribution. Everyone talks about “finding that 1%”, but where do you go to find it, and could you be finding even more?

    Watch this webinar recording to see how you can use distributor analytics to find that 1%. Heck, you might even find 2%.

    During this webinar, industry expert, Colin Sherman, uses a real distributor’s data to explore: