"You can get it in MITS in 3 clicks"

Submitted on: Wed, 02.05.2014 10:15pm - Annie Eissler |

Three of our fabulous Johnstone Supply customers talked about how they use MITS in their business on a webinar we hosted this morning. We loved it when Man-Ching Callahan, Accounting Manager at Johnstone Supply Cincinnati, said her motto for colleagues looking for information and answers is "You can get it in MITS in 3 clicks."

Some of our other favorite takeaways:

Don Livingston, VP of Finance & IT at Johnstone Supply Jacksonville, said "we couldn't make good decisions without the data we get from MITS" and "the release 9 of MITS Discover is very presentation-oriented and will help us present data that is more usable to end users."

And Michelle Thompson, Owner of Johnstone Supply Las Vegas, said "MITS helped us realize our grasp of the state of our business wasn't as good as we thought. It has been great for our business and I would recommend it to everyone at Johnstone Supply."

Thanks Don, Michelle, Man-Ching and our webinar attendees. It was a great exchange of information and a perfect way to head into our city's Seahawks celebration!