Why wait?

Submitted on: Mon, 09.29.2014 07:16pm - Annie Eissler |


Note: The following blog post was written by guest blogger Andy Weith.

While I’m at work I find myself asking 'Why do I have to wait?' too often. In our personal lives we've automated getting cash out of your bank account: no long line to wait in, no forms, no human asking if you want that fifty dollars in all twenties (hmm). A swipe, a couple prompts and then viola! We’ve automated paying tolls (RFID or photos of your plate) and printing your boarding pass at a kiosk (oops that’s out of date already, they have an app for that!). We have vending machines for snacks, drinks, earbuds for your iPod, chapstick and toothpaste.

Why do we not have a reporting ‘ATM’? Why do I have to submit a report request and wait days for information I know is ‘there’, someone just has to go get it for me? If the computer could ask 3 simple questions we could deliver on nearly any request instantly:

  1. For whom (which customers/vendors/etc.)?
  2. When (this month, this year to date, this quarter vs last quarter)?
  3. And what (which product(s)/categories/groups)?

Like the not-yet-famous Cupcake ATM (oh it exists...www.sprinkles.com/cupcake-atm), I’m here to share with everyone that this reporting ATM is not a phantom, it’s not a dream, it exists and it’s called MITS!

In MITS Report we can prompt the user to filter on any field in the data. Simply bring in units sold, product, invoice date, and customer, and prompt the user for the last three. When they open the report they’ll select which customer, for what time period, and for which product(s):

The wait is over!

Andy Weith is the Founder of ASW Global Consulting, focusing on helping businesses better utilize the technology they have and improve the processes they employ. In addition he is acting CIO of Crescent Parts & Equipment, an HVAC and Refrigeration wholesale distributor, where he enjoys using MITS every day!