Welcome Marie Bumback to the MITS Team

Submitted on: Tue, 08.12.2014 05:45am - Annie Eissler |

I had a chance to catch up with one of our new account executives today. Meet Marie Bumback, our new MITS Distributor Analytics rep for three markets: Tribute's Trulinx, Epicor's Eclipse and Epicor's Prelude ERP systems:

Career cliff notes?
Trained in the sciences and in business, I worked for nonprofits as an environmental educator, as a business consultant helping farmers convert from conventional to organic agriculture production systems, and taught for several years in biology.  I transitioned to technology and business in 2006 when I moved back to the Seattle area.  I worked for several years selling and implementing CRM systems before coming over to MITS.

What attracted you to MITS?
I love the value prop of MDA (MITS Distributor Analytics).  For years when I implemented CRM systems for companies around the world, invariably they asked me for more data and information about their business than the CRM system was meant to provide.  I already knew there was a need in the marketplace for resources to help companies see a more holistic view of their business than they have in the past.  MDA meets this need.

What three things are you excited to accomplish at MITS in the next year?

  1. Help MITS establish themselves as a known brand in the new TrulinX market.
  2. Help grow the customer base for Eclipse and Prelude, and be the BI leader for those markets.
  3. Help the Sales Team build a consistent and repeatable sales process that will make it easier for us all to be successful and grow the revenue for the company.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?
Smart, upbeat, successful.

What are you passionate about?
I love helping people!  In all ways.  At work, at home, etc.  Big advocate of sustainable agriculture and food security.  Love animals.

Favorite food?

Favorite vacation spot?
On the water or in the trees.