Welcome Jeremy Lamb to the MITS Team

Submitted on: Mon, 07.28.2014 11:20pm - Annie Eissler |

I had a chance to catch up with one of our new account executives today. Meet Jeremy Lamb, our new MITS Distributor Analytics rep for Epicor's Prophet 21 market:

Career cliff notes?
A little Network Engineering, a little Insurance and Biofuels…and a lot of sales.

What attracted you to MITS?
I believe the Business Intelligence industry is an important one in the new economy. MITS has displayed leadership in this area and is poised to grow.

What three things are you excited to accomplish at MITS in the next year?

  • Gaining market insight
  • Improving my sales skills (as always)
  • Selling a great product!

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?
Hard working, ambitious, adventurous.  

What are you passionate about?
Water. I raft, sail, swim, and LOVE the coast.

Favorite food?

Favorite vacation spot?
Oregon Coast