Webinar: More Profit Through Pricing Strategy

Submitted on: Wed, 09.11.2019 07:50pm - Kelsey Hamon |
Webinar: More Profit Through Pricing Strategy

Figuring out a pricing strategy – and getting your sales team to adhere to it – can be a real challenge.

With thin margins across multiple transactions, customers, and SKUs, pinpointing areas for improvement is crucial.

Join us for a webinar where industry expert, Brian Friedle, will use analytics to examine specific scenarios where you can increase profit through pricing choices.

Webinar: More Profit Through Pricing Strategy 
Wednesday, Sep 25 | 11:00 am PDT | 2:00 pm EDT

During this webinar, Brian will talk about:

  • Aligning your pricing strategy
  • Connecting customer behavior to pricing
  • Identifying customers that are not priced right
  • Finding sales reps engaging in bad pricing habits
  • Discovering pricing issues with products and product groups

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