[Webinar] Driving Change Through Analytics at Turner Supply, Southern Pipe, and Vesco Oil

Submitted on: Fri, 09.11.2015 10:12pm - Annie Eissler |


Innovation and growth are top of mind for most distributors these days. What role can, and should, analytics play in strategic planning and the day-to-day execution of your business?

We are excited to announce that we are presenting on this topic at an upcoming TUG webinar for companies that use Infor Distribution ERP systems (e.g., SX.e, A+, FACTS)!
Join MITS President Gary Owen on September 24 at 11 am Pacific for an inside look at how three TUG member companies are using the MITS reporting and analytics solution to drive change and improve results in their business. You will:
  • hear Tommy Thompson at Turner Supply, Mark Roebuck at Southern Pipe & Supply, and Brad Haskins at Vesco Oil discuss why they purchased MITS
  • learn about concrete ways that reporting and analytics can help you increase sales and profitability
  • have an opportunity to ask your own questions of our guests
Can't make the webinar? Go ahead and register so TUG can send you the webinar recording to listen to at your convenience. You won't want to miss what Tommy, Mark, and Brad have to say!