Vesco Oil Wows Sales Team With MITS

Submitted on: Tue, 04.05.2016 10:32pm - Annie Eissler |

When Lance Melnik joined Vesco Oil, one of the largest Valvoline and ExxonMobil Distributors in North America, he could not believe that they didn’t have a business intelligence solution in place to mine all of the data in the company’s Infor SX.e system.

After speaking with many other SX.e users about possible analytics options, Vesco Oil chose MITS. And boy, is the sales team glad he did. Shortly after rollout, one sales rep recovered $30,000 in lost sales in just one month!
When Lance talks with the sales team and other staff at Vesco Oil about MITS, the unanimous reaction is “wow, this is great.”
Learn more, including how MITS helps Vesco provide customers with their own report cards, in this short (2 minute) video:

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