TUG Connects 2016 is Around the Corner

Submitted on: Mon, 01.25.2016 11:30pm - Annie Eissler |

According to the TUG Connects event page, this event kicks off in 19 days.

What?! How did that sneak up on us?

We are thrilled to be a Platinum sponsor of this year's event, and look forward to meeting friends and colleagues--old and new-- in San Antonio starting February 14.

If you are attending, stop by Booth 304 to see what is new, or look for us at one of these sessions:

Date/Time Title Description
Mon, Feb 15
8:20 – 8:50 am
Intro to MITS Sales Rep Daily Scorecard for SX.e
In this session, MITS Product Specialist Jeff Pearson will show you how your sales team can better prioritize customer outreach, identify sales opportunities, and catch at risk accounts before it is too late with a set of dashboards and scorecards focused on the role of the Sales Representative.
What data does your sales staff need to succeed? What are their highest margin products? What did they sell last year that their customers are not buying this year? Put answers to these questions in your sales rep’s hands with MITS and watch your sales grow. Jeff will also cover:
  • Bookings: are bookings and invoicing on track for the month, and how does this compare to 12-month invoicing averages? 
  • Open Quotes: prioritize customer calls by knowing which customers have the highest open quote value (and associated gross profit percentage)
  • Open Orders: is it time to call operations to find out about shipment status and if the promised date will be met
Mon, Feb 15
1:15 - 2:15 pm
5 Dashboards Every Distributor Should Have

Look past the bling of the topics du jour in business intelligence–like “data mining” and “predictive modeling”–and you will find that the real value of business intelligence for most distributors can be found in the design and roll-out of dashboards. With the right dashboards in place, your team will make better decisions around the goals that are important for your business success.

Join MITS President, Gary Owen, as he walks you through the 5 dashboards every distributor should have in place, covering executive KPIs, vendor performance, customer KPIs, sales rep performance, and branch performance.

During this session, you will learn both the what and, more importantly, the why, of these mission critical dashboards.

Mon, Feb 15
2:30 - 3:30 pm
5 Steps to Designing Dashboards That Get Used
Building a high performance team in a distribution business can be challenging, especially when it comes to aligning goals and performance across departments and locations. The secret to success? Empowering your team to monitor progress toward company goals, and easily identify the opportunities, problems, and trends that require attention.
Join MITS President, Gary Owen, as he shares 5 steps for designing dashboards for that not only track performance against company, branch, and individual goals, but that actually get used!
During this session, Gary will walk through two dashboard design examples – one to track progress toward eliminating dead stock, and another to track the goal of growing revenue by 35%. You will also learn:
  • How dashboards help your team be proactive
  • The 4 traits of a good dashboard goal
  • Tips for thinking through target users and relevant data points

Bonus Template: attendees will receive a template for capturing the dashboard design steps discussed during the session!

Tue, Feb 16
8:20 - 8:50 am
3 Ways Distributors Use Business Intelligence
Distributors are different—and they use Business Intelligence differently too! In an industry with ever tightening margins and new and constant technological challenges, smart distributors are using data to sharpen their edge.
Join MITS Product Specialist Jeff Pearson, as he shows you 3 real-world examples of how distributors use MITS to better run their companies:
  • Sales Performance - manage sales goals and expectations
  • Vendors Insights - tweak margins and improve vendor performance
  • Inventory Management - reduce dead stock and stock-outs
Wed, Feb 17
8:20 - 8:50 am
Intro to MITS Report Content Module for SX.e
Join MITS Director of Sales, Colin Sherman, for this 30 minute introduction to the MITS Report Content Module for SX.e.
This module includes 95 + pre-defined and customizable reports for SX.e covering open orders, events, quotes, jobs, open POs, and much more.
The beauty of this module is that Report Sources have already been mapped, putting the power of daily operational and ad hoc reporting into the hands of even your most non-technical users. 
Wed, Feb 17
9:00 - 10:00 am
MITS Case Study: How We Left Hyperion Behind
This session will tell show how Crescent Parts was in need of a new Business Intelligence (BI) solution to meet 3 basic needs that Hyperion was unable to do: provide a simple to use non-technical interface with the content 100% verified data accurate, provide accessibility from any web browser on any device, provide BI that would lighten the load on a tiny (1.5 person) IT staff. MITS met all of these needs and half a dozen others.
We'll walk through our successful implementation plan including training workshops, how we use MITS Discover for Salesmen, Product Manager and Branch Manager Dashboards, MITS Report for ad hoc and scheduled custom reports including those sent to vendors, customers and other third parties, and more!
Wed, Feb 17
9:00 - 10:00 am
MITS Case Study: Reporting & Analytics for A+ 
All A+ users are invited to join this special session on the MITS reporting and business intelligence solution for A+. We have invited MITS Director of Sales Colin Sherman to join us for a demonstration of MITS Distributor Analytics and a discussion of performance/integration with A+, pre-made content, report writing and customization, mobile accessibility and more.
Shawn Kaelber of Midwest Packaging Solutions, a MITS customer and A+ user, will also be available to answer your questions about implementation, usability, and functionality.


If you'd like to schedule a 1:1 session with a member of the MITS team at TUG Connects 2016, send us an email and we'll get back to you right away.