TUG Connects 2014: Calm Before The Storm

Submitted on: Thu, 03.06.2014 03:47am - Annie Eissler |


The gang is all here, resting up for the wild ride that starts at 7:00 pm here at TUG Connects 2014 in beautiful Palm Desert.

MITS National Sales Manager Colin Sherman kicks us off at 8:00 am with a one hour introduction to MITS Distributor Analytics session. If you miss this one, he will be reprising this session at 2:45 pm on Friday.

Hear MITS President Gary Owen speak during the morning general session, and then we are back on at 2:45 pm for "MITS Customer Insights" featuring several of our fabulous customers (thanks Mark, Andy & Tim!).

We'll be staffing our booth both Thursday and Friday so stop by and say hello!