Trumbull, Showing Value to Customers Through MITS

Submitted on: Thu, 03.12.2015 03:08am - Annie Eissler |

I was able to get on the phone this week with Steve Luteran, Industrial Marketing Manager, at Trumbull Industries, Inc., a wholesale distributor serving Contractors, Plumbers, Industrial Manufacturers, Mechanical Contractors, Municipalities, and Utilities.

About a year and a half ago, Trumbull used MITS to create a customer-facing dashboard for key integrated supply customers. The dashboard includes a range of useful metrics pulled from their ERP system, including:

  • Activity by Lines & $ Invoiced - Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • Savings - Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • YTD Top 10 Consolidated Invoices
  • Spend by Department - Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • Requestor Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • YTD Top 10 Suppliers
  • YTD Top 10 Manufacturers
  • YTD Top 10 Account Codes

Customers can review these metrics at a glance on the dashboard and then quickly and easily drill down into the underlying details through the MITS web-based reporting interface.

According to Steve, “the customer dashboard demonstrates our value to the customer on a daily basis. The customers not only use it, they love it.”

Trumbull plans to roll the dashboard out to more integrated supply customers in the future, as well as add in additional metrics, such as different savings and value types (price to price, productivity, and performance).

As we wound down the conversation, I was particularly struck by Steve’s closing comment:

“I am always looking for ways to use MITS to get more business and keep existing business. We see reporting and analytics as a revenue enhancement tool versus just a cost of doing business.”

We agree Steve!