Top Technology Challenges for Distributors in 2014

Submitted on: Mon, 01.06.2014 07:49pm - Annie Eissler |


According to the 2013 MDM Industry Outlook Survey, distributors are concerned about the following technology challenges:

  1. System and data synchronization: Too much data, too many systems, not enough time and resources to make sense of it all. Distributors need a way to "combine and comb through all that data to get to something useful."
  2. Costs: Investing in technology is a must, but focus on best value (versus the newest shiny object or latest upgrade).
  3. Staffing: There are many ways to staff to manage your IT needs--explore all options [for example, what is IT doing today that you can empower end users to do for themselves, like reporting!]
  4. Flexibility:Make sure your systems and processes are flexible enough to scale and change as business and customer needs change.
  5. Buy-In: New technology often means change...and we know most people don't like that! Getting buy-in in advance can often make all the difference in a successful roll-out of any new technology.

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