Tips for success with distributor analytics: empower your team through transparency

Submitted on: Thu, 02.18.2016 07:00pm - Annie Eissler |


In the first of our blog post series tips for success with distributor analytics, we discussed how important it is to pick the right tool set to get real-time insight from your business data. The next tip we’d like to share is the importance of empowering your team. That means giving them both the right tool set and more transparent access to your data.

This message comes across loud and clear whenever we speak with distribution executives—make it easy for people to see the big picture and to drill down into the details that tell the back story, and they will solve their own problems and find opportunities to excel. This quote from one of our customers perfectly illustrates this point:

“Within one week, one of my guys came back and said, ‘Hey, I identified a problem, I acknowledged a problem, and I’ve already make up half the lost sales just by understanding where they were at.’"



Empower your team with point-and-click access to real-time information from your ERP



In contrast to being a threatening proposition, our customers tell us that giving their staff more transparent access to their key metrics is tremendously empowering and exciting. By doing so they can tap into the expertise and creativity of all of their team members; not just a few executives--a key first step in becoming a more data-driven organization.

We often hear how surprised our customers are about the speed of adoption of the new point-and-click reports, dashboards, and scorecards that they have distributed. As one put it:

“We did a rollout officially a week ago Friday […] and the majority of my team decided to spend their weekend learning how to use it because they were so excited.”

You may be thinking that transparency can be a risky proposition; that’s why it’s important to choose an ERP analytics system like MITS Distributor Analytics that has layers of granular control, so you can decide who gets to see what.

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