Tech Tips: Customizing Emails in MITS

Submitted on: Mon, 12.01.2014 11:43pm - |

Being able to email MITS reports to others is a great way to share views of your data.  Whether you’re new to MITS or you’ve extensively used the email feature, there may be more you can do with it than you realize.  The following are a few helpful options for making sure you’re getting the most out of this feature.

Tap, tap…is this thing on?
What’s the first thing to check when you can’t get something to work?  Make sure it’s turned on!  Before you can use the email features in MITS, make sure you’ve enabled emailing on your system.  It’s simple--just go to the Administration tab in MITS (yes, you’ll need to be logged in as an admin to do this) and select the Configure Email Server/Settings option.  From there, just fill in the details of the SMTP server you want to use, try the Send Test Email option to verify that everything’s working, save your settings, and you’re good to go!

Who is this really from?
The FROM address shown for emails sent through MITS can be set through the email configuration settings.  If you’re an admin and you’d like to modify the FROM address for these emails, you can do so by going to the Administration tab and selecting the Configure Email Server/Settings option.  The Default From field will determine the address displayed in emails sent through MITS.

Support?  I’ll handle that!
Do you want to be the MITS go-to person for your site?  Or maybe you just want to be the first line of defense for any issues users may have with MITS?  If so, you can modify the default email address to which support issues get sent from within MITS.  Normally, any time a user fills out a support case form in MITS that information is sent directly to our support group here (  If you want to change that (and you’re an admin), you can do so by modifying the following:

  • MITS Discover – Modify the field in the file.  For further information about this setting, refer to the MITS Discover Install Guide.
  • MITS Report – Modify the field in the file.  For further information about this setting, refer to the MITS Report Administration Guide.

I just want to talk.
Keep in mind that you can always add your own messaging to any email you send out.  When you choose to send an email from MITS, there will be a text field to enter any extra information you’d like to include along with the report you’re sending.  Use that field to let the recipient(s) know what you’re sending them, why you’re sending it, or what you had for lunch that day—it’s all up to you.

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