Tame the Beast: A mini workshop on customer profitability analysis with Brent Grover

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"If you’re like most distributors, over 50% of your customers are unprofitable by any measure." Brent Grover

We are thrilled to team up with Brent Grover (Evergreen Consulting), author, consultant and a leading thinker on distribution management, to bring you a  free one-hour mini workshop on customer profitability analysis.

Brent and MITS President Gary Owen will explore five key pieces of data you probably already have somewhere in your operational systems that can be used to spot and address unprofitable customers.

Our goal with this workshop? We want distributor owners and executives to walk away with actionable steps they can take right away to tame the unprofitable customers that might be holding their business back.

Workshop Date: Tuesday, February, 11, 2014

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