Takeaways on "getting your data act together"

Submitted on: Thu, 03.23.2017 05:53pm - Annie Eissler |
Takeaways on "getting your data act together"

We were thrilled to see MITS CEO, Gary Owen, featured in the first of a three-part series tED magazine is publishing on data, analytics, and electrical distributors.

Here are some of my key takeaways from Distributors: It’s Time to Get Your Data Act Together, Part I

  1. Distributors have been analytics users for decades—a lot longer than most think they have
  2. The rise of Amazon and its data (and dollar) muscle is driving distributors to re-think their data strategy
  3. Small investments in data and analytics can have big payoffs (although Nucleus Research says there is a 13:1 ROI in analytics investments!)
  4. Distributors should start small, focus on using analytics to solve one business problem, and grow from there

We’re look forward to the next two parts of this series!