Software Advice research shows dashboard/data viz buyers want reporting too

Submitted on: Fri, 08.15.2014 11:20pm - Annie Eissler |

According to the report out this week from business intelligence systems reviewer Software Advice, most dashboard/data visualization buyers are seeking a solution with reporting capabilities.

No surprise to us here at MITS. We've been hearing the same thing from our customers and partners. When it comes to leveraging your data to make better business decisions, reporting, dashboards and visual data discovery all go hand-in-hand.

The findings in this report reflect analysis of a random selection of 385 buyers seeking a BI solution.

According to Abe Selig, Business Intelligence Researcher for Software Advice, "our report shows that businesses are definitely moving away from older methods of tracking key metrics; spreadsheets are one example. In the past, you might have had a visualization tool being used to show a single metric over an entire quarter. Now, you're seeing businesses employ daily reporting on key performance metrics, with advanced, user-friendly dashboards and data visualization software. Reporting really is the essence of what a visualization tool can do. I think that so many buyers want to use this tool for this purpose, first and foremost, suggests that dashboards and other visual reporting tools are becoming an industry standard."

Take a look at the survey results: