Scenes from TUG Connects 2014

Submitted on: Fri, 03.07.2014 02:32am - Annie Eissler |

Here are some photos we snapped today at TUG Connects 2014. It has been a great day, especially our afternoon Customer Insights Session with Tim Bloudek from BRAAS Company, Andy Weith from Crescent Parts & Equipment, and Mark Paterson from Outdoor Gear Canada (thank you, thank you, thank you!).


Starting from top left going clockwise:

1. Gary Owen on stage during the Opening Session

2. Mickey Lass chatting with the folks from Liaison Technologies

3. Gary Owen (MITS), David Bauders (SPA), Suzanne Minard (TUG Chair)

4. MITS Customers: Tim Bloudek (BRAAS Company), Mark Paterson (Outdoor Gear Canada), Andy Weith (Crescent Parts & Equipment)

5. Mickey Lass and the folks from DPI

6. MITS "big data TUG Talk"