Scenes From MITS Exchange 2017

Submitted on: Wed, 11.22.2017 09:09pm - Annie Eissler |
Scenes From MITS Exchange 2017

As we wrap up and head out for Thanksgiving this week, we are feeling grateful for our incredible staff and amazing customers for making this year's MITS Exchange the biggest and best yet!

Here is some feedback from attendees:

"What I am really impressed by is how helpful and available the MITS employees have been. Every time I sat at a table for breakfast or lunch, one of the 'blue shirts' was there to talk about MITS. Annie went above and beyond to help me when I expressed some concerns. MITS has great products, but their people make it great!"


"I can tell MITS is really listening to what the customers are asking for! The questions I brought to the conference seem to have all been solved in version 11. [Version 11] looks awesome! I can't wait until we upgrade!"


"I really like the 'Stump the MITS Staff' session! Entertaining and informative!"


"Version 11 is live! And we want it now!"