Rundle-Spence Gets Paperless, Reliable Reporting & BI With MITS

Submitted on: Fri, 02.14.2014 01:01am - Annie Eissler |


I recently spent some time with Rundle-Spence President Dave Spence. Rundle-Spence is a Wisconsin-based full-service plumbing, heating, and industrial supply distributor and fabrication shop that has been in business since 1871 (yep...that is a long time!).

An Epicor Eclipse user, Rundle-Spence struggled with getting information out of Eclipse. It was time consuming and cumbersome to run reports in Eclipse, and the options for distributing information to managers and the outside sales force were just not working.

Before implementing the MITS reporting and business intelligence solution, Rundle-Spence spent a couple of years using another poduct that was offered on a subscription basis. This experience really helped David understand what his company needed to be successful: canned reports, an easy-to-use interface, and solution reliability.

According to Dave, “from product reliability to ease of use and pre-configured reports, everything MITS promised during the evaluation process has been delivered.”

Read the case study to learn how Dave is putting MITS Distributor Analytics to work at Rundle-Spence.