Reporting Challenge: getting users to identify questions a BI solution can answer

Submitted on: Wed, 04.02.2014 11:21pm - admin |

Someone interested in the MITS reporting and analytics solution for distributors said the other day that for them, “the trick is challenging the users to gather the questions that the system can answer.”

One of the nice things about the MITS Distributor Analytics package is that we have already bundled in reports and dashboards that answer many of the questions we know distributors ask. How do we know this? Because we asked our existing distribution customers: what information is important to you and why? We then spent a lot of time building useful and relevant content into our solution so our customers can start using it as soon as the solution is installed.

In our experience, the cost of getting employees to stop their work and ask the right questions so that the IT staff can build out standard reports in a business intelligence solution can easily exceed the license costs for just the software part of the solution.

We’ve taken our offering to the next level by including many industry best practices rather than requiring your staff to design and then recreate them from scratch.

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