Reporting & Analytics User Adoption: 4 Exercises to Assign

Submitted on: Tue, 02.11.2014 08:49pm - Annie Eissler |

Getting staff to actually use a new piece of software can be tough--regardless of what the tool is or who the users are.

Doug Alexander, Purchasing Manager of Automatic Irrigation Supply Company, recently shared with us four mandatory exercises he used to drive adoption of the company's new reporting and business intelligence software. According to Doug, these exercises "got users comfortable with using MITS Distributor Analytics to not just run reports, but to really use the information in them to make decisions and develop action plans."

Four User Adoption Exercises

  1. Customer Analysis: Identify the 5 largest declining customers in sales year over year.  Why are they declining?  What do we do to course correct and get them back on a positive path?
  2. Inventory Analysis: Develop a report showing obsolete/defective inventory. What course of action do we put in place to move these products?
  3. Promotion Analysis: Evaluate our sales activity for a specific promo time period. Was the promotion a success? How could we have improved it?
  4. Product Line Analysis: Analyze our product line percentage increases year-to-date. Why are we successful with these lines and how do we repeat this success with the lines that aren't performing as well.

Give these exercises a try or let us know what you've found to be successful in driving adoption of your reporting and BI solution.