Reflections on TUG Connects 2016

Submitted on: Sun, 03.06.2016 11:34pm - Nick Matras |

It was a nice change of pace to leave the rain and chill of Seattle for the warmth of San Antonio. The facilities were first rate and the Texas hill country was picturesque. It was great to talk with all the new and longtime MITS customers. And who doesn’t love an authentic Texas barbeque?

I was delighted to hear all of the positive buzz around MITS at TUG. Numerous distributors and even other vendors mentioned that MITS’ solution was a hot topic during the SIG sessions and beyond.
User adoption and business integration continue to be an area of much interest. We conducted several presentations about dashboard design and best practices in analytics that were well attended and had lively discussion.
The release of our new daily sales rep dashboards clearly addressed an increasing need voiced by many distributors, for actionable information their sales teams can use to drive increased sales and profitability.
But the biggest buzz by far was around the preview of our forthcoming executive dashboard, product 360 scorecard, and customer scorecard. The feedback was universally positive and our plans to offer this as part of our Distributor Analytics solution will give our customers powerful new insights into their business and a leg up on the competition.
Not surprisingly, with all the new modules coming down the pike there was also a great deal of interest in our planned premium support offering for customers.
We appreciate the many customers that offered to share some of the ways MITS has helped them elevate their business results. Keep an eye out for the videos featuring their stories over the coming weeks.