Now Available: MITS Discover 10.1 & MITS Report 3.5

Submitted on: Mon, 10.17.2016 11:54pm - admin |
Now Available: MITS Discover 10.1 & MITS Report 3.5

In case you were not able to join our new release webinar a couple of weeks ago, new versions of MITS Discover (10.1) and MITS Report (3.5) are now available.

Feature highlights include:

  • More flexible cube build scheduling options, supporting multiple builds per day of the same cube, on specific days of the month, etc
  • New column function, giving you the ability to compare different drill down paths along the same row of a report
  • MITS Report authentication integration with MITS Discover
  • Single sign on between MITS Discover and MITS Report, enabling users to move quickly between the two tools

Contact us if you'd like more information or help upgrading. Or, you can go directly to our FTP site to download the latest versions.