New Business Integration Program Getting Good Reviews

Submitted on: Thu, 08.27.2015 12:04am - Annie Eissler |


This recently in from Mark Roebuck, Vice President of Sales at Southern Pipe & Supply Company, on a Business Integration Program site visit with MITS President, Gary Owen, and Andy Weith of ASW Global Consulting:

"Gary’s knowledge of the MITS' platform was amazing – only exceeded by his presentation style – very much appreciated by the non-technical folks in our group.  He really connected with everyone and his presentation will go a long way toward early and complete adoption.  He kept reminding us to not “boil the ocean” – to start with the basics – land and expand.

Andy was phenomenal.  His knowledge of our ERP and the user functionality of MITS added a lot of comfort to our management team.  Also, it was great fun to see him get really, really excited about TWL!

We’re a pretty diverse group with varying degrees of technical expertise, but Gary and Andy were able to touch us all with a bit of MITS excitement. Our Management Team and I really appreciated their visit."

Contact us to learn more about MITS Business Integration Program, or watch this recent webcast on using dashboard design as a way to drive analytics adoption.