MITS, a springboard for Vesco's millennial recruitment strategy

Submitted on: Tue, 02.23.2016 07:00pm - Annie Eissler |


At the recent TUG Connects conference I was talking with a distributor about the challenges they have attracting Millennials to work at their company. This is a pressing concern for them, since the median age of their workforce is 55. In fact they expect to lose up to 80% of their employees over the next ten years. Unfortunately they have plenty of company. Recruiting a new generation of workers is a pressing concern for many distributors these days.

During TUG I also spoke with Lance Melnik, IT Director at Vesco Oil Corporation. Lance implemented MITS at Vesco about 5 months ago and is rolling it out across the company. Not surprisingly he’s faced with a similar recruiting challenge.
Lance is taking an innovative approach to solving his dilemma. He is making MITS an integral part of his Millennial recruitment strategy. It's widely recognized that Millennials will be drawn to companies utilizing new technologies. Lance plans on upgrading the technologies in use at Vesco in order to attract the next generation of workers and he’s using MITS as his springboard.
Every one of Vesco's sales reps will be equipped with an iPad configured for mobile access to MITS. Lance even has reps accessing MITS on their iPhones too. Since a major web browser like Safari is all that’s needed along with mobile access, deployment and support for his remote users is straightforward. MITS supports Android and Surface devices too so Vesco's staff can employ their devices of choice. As Lance upgrades more components of his technology infrastructure he plans on pushing those out to users on their iPads.
As MITS is rolled out to each sales team they receive their iPads along with their user training. He’s highlighting success stories and how reps are using MITS to increase sales and profitability. Lance has teams that are chomping at the bit for access to MITS. As he rolls MITS out he can monitor usage and identify users who may need further training and support, ensuring a high rate of adoption and getting the biggest bang for the buck on his investment in reporting and analytics.
Lance is doing more than positioning Vesco for the future with millennials. He's also successfully introducing powerful analytics into a mature workforce that does not always have a reputation for embracing data and new technologies. I think these are both lessons we can all benefit from.