MITS: The right community for Watersavers Irrigation

Submitted on: Wed, 07.02.2014 07:47pm - Annie Eissler |

I spoke with Kevin Eyer, CTO of Watersavers Irrigation, today to learn a little bit more about why his company chose MITS Distributor Analytics for SX.e.

Founded in 1988 in San Rafael, CA, Watersavers has six locations throughout the Bay Area providing quality service, quality irrigation/landscape products, and outdoor lighting.

After running a legacy system for 20 years, Watersavers moved to Infor’s SX.e system in early 2013. But for the last 16 months, the company’s President/Owner felt like he had no idea what was happening with the business because SX.e didn’t include the kind of reporting the company needed.

Luckily, Kevin found himself at the TUG Connects conference in Palm Desert in early March where he learned about MITS when networking with other SX.e users. When I mentioned that I was also at that event, Kevin confessed that he actually didn’t ever have time at the conference to come by our booth. He had heard so many good things about MITS though that he called us up shortly after he got back into the office.

Kevin told me he looked at a couple of other products but that nothing compared to MITS. Simplicity, flexibility, scalability, these were some of the terms Kevin used to describe the appeal of our solution.

“The sense I got from other SX.e users at TUG, reference accounts, and from interfacing with the team at MITS, is that this is a community that we’d be joining, not just an arm’s length vendor/customer relationship,” Kevin told me. “Our focus right now is to leverage every bit of information we have at our disposal to retain and grow our existing customers. I feel that the MITS community is the right one to help us get there.”

While it is still early days in terms of putting MITS Distributor Analytics to work at Watersavers, the early signs are positive and Kevin is eager to get started.

“We are still finishing up data balancing but I am already starting to play around and am really excited by the possibilities. When I did a quick demo for our VP of Operations, all they could say was ‘awesome.’ We plan to roll MITS out across the company—from our executives to store managers, operations, and purchasing. We should touch base again in six months as I know I’ll have a lot more to share then.”

Yes, Kevin, we should do that…and welcome to the MITS community!

NOTE: Kevin will be at the MITS Exchange user forum this October in Seattle. If you are a current customer reading this post, be sure to look for him there!