MITS Partners with Distribution Expert Andy Weith

Submitted on: Fri, 08.21.2015 02:23am - Annie Eissler |


You may have recently read about our Business Integration Program, designed to help our customers build a culture of self-service analytics.

Following the launch of this service, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Andy Weith of ASW Global Consulting to deliver the services offered through this new program.


Fun fact? Andy started out his career as a picker/packer in a distribution center!


Andy launched ASW Global Consulting in 2007 to perform business process reviews and gap analyses for distributors. He has implemented and supported a wide range of software, covering Infor SXe, TWL, MITS, ecommerce, helpdesk, pricing strategies, conversions/upgrades, and more for dozens of $10M-$500M+ distribution clients and a handful of retail and small business owners.


Here is what one Business Integration Program client had to say about Andy:


“Andy was phenomenal.  His knowledge of our ERP and the user functionality of MITS added a lot of comfort to our management team.  Also, it was great fun to see him get really, really excited about TWL! We’re a pretty diverse group with varying degrees of technical expertise, but Gary and Andy were able to touch us all with a bit of MITS excitement.”

Mark Roebuck, Vice President – Sales, Southern Pipe & Supply Company, Inc.


Andy has written a number of guest blog posts for us over the last year, including:

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