MITS in the News: TED Magazine's Coverage of Advanced Solutions for Distributors

Submitted on: Sat, 11.15.2014 03:23am - Annie Eissler |


The good folks at TED Magazine spoke with MITS President Gary Owen for last month's article by Douglas Graham on advanced technology solutions for distributors.

While there is a lot of technology available these days, and it can often seem overwhelming, the good news is that distributors have access to a wide range of technologies and solutions that level the playing field -- no matter your size or budget.

According to Gary, "employees acquire an archive of information through the course of interacting with customers, but it takes tech to mine it. These data bits are invisible to the naked eye, and because employees collect so many, most companies had no chance of capturing them until just a few years ago. Back then, only top-tier distributors could track this kind of information because they alone could afford to hire teams of specialists to track it down. Today's technology gives small to mid-sized companies the same ability."

Read the full TED Magazine article.