MITS may be "best IT investment ever" for Johnstone Supply, Knoxville

Submitted on: Wed, 06.18.2014 10:51pm - Annie Eissler |



Wow! This just in from one of our customers, a member of the Johnstone Supply group of companies:

"I’m happy to report that, even though we’ve only had MITS for a few weeks, it’s already becoming a key tool for our administrative team.  We are finding we have more information, in multiple formats from spreadsheets to graphs to charts, and we have it more quickly than ever before. In addition, we don’t have to ask in-house experts to write special reports to get us that information.  With just a little training, we can not only use the canned reports, but each person can customize them as needed and save the templates for easy use in the future. In summary,  I believe that MITS will turn out to be one of our best I.T. investments ever."

Richard Cramer, CEO
Johnstone Supply – Knoxville Group

Thanks Richard!