MITS Exchange: Key Takeaways

Submitted on: Fri, 11.13.2015 07:18pm - Kelsey Hamon |


MITS Exchange was once again a tremendous success – for us and, most importantly, our customers. From new users to experienced, executives to administrators, our customers returned to their companies with the skills they needed to build high performance teams and exceed their personal and company goals.

We asked attendees to share with us their #1 takeaway from MITS Exchange 2015. Here are some of the things they shared:

“The training, synergy, and communication broke a large task down to a doable easier task.”

“MITS created an atmosphere of positive energy that allowed our creativity to flow.”

“It’s important to build reports that measure specific goals. I will do this next week!”

“I can create a dashboard! All you have to do is create a report as a base and start! Simple!”

“I’m excited that as a non-techy person I can go back and quickly set up some reports that can automatically go out to the people that need them!”

“Find a goal and make a dashboard.”

“MITS Distributor Analytics has the ability to let me know about things going south before it’s too late to fix it.”

“We need to concentrate on the ‘what and why’. Then use MITS Dashboards to achieve our goals.”

“We need MITS Discover 10 right now!”

“I now know the importance and power of MITS Dashboards.”

We’re already looking forward to MITS Exchange 2016! Stay tuned for the 2016 dates and location!